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Solar Panels

Installing solar panels and a wind turbine can cut your energy bills!

Solar panels

Solar Panels at B&QProduct Information
This solar panel kit is suitable for use with stored water cylinders of up to 300 litres. It can be retro fitted to your existing cylinder or to a new solar twin coiled unit. Choosing the correct roof type kit is essential for providing ease of installation. Panels can only be mounted vertically.
Product Features
Brand: RM Solar Ltd



Other Information

* Solar Panel Dimensions: (W)1035 x (H)2009mm
* This pack contains 3 solar panels suitable for a tiled roof only
* 20 year warranty on panels
* 35 year life expectancy
* Full European certification BS/EN 12975 Parts 1&2
* Making large savings on your ever increasing energy bills
* Boiler cycling reduced therefore increasing the life of your boiler
* Panel will even work below 0 degrees C
* We also sell a product suitable for a slate roof

Wind turbines
The Windsave wind turbine delivers up to 1KW of supplementary energy synchronised and adjusted to supply directly into your household power circuits, using Windsaves unique technology the appliances in the house will absorb all the energy from the turbine before using grid voltage. This will contribute to the average home a saving of approximately 30% (based on average wind speeds and suitable locations) of the average electricity bill whilst reducing the household CO2 emissions
Product Features
Brand: Windsave

* AC Input (Mains): 230 Volts (nominal) ac, @ 50Hz
* Power Input (Mains): 6 Watt (Power consumption of the Plug n Save ™ unit in "standby" mode)
* Rated Power Output: 1kW @ rated wind speed
* Rated Wind Speed: 12.5m/s
* Cut-in Wind Speed: 3.5 to 5 m/s @ hub height
* Cut-out Wind Speed: 14 m/s@ hub height
* Reference Extreme Wind Speed: 35 m/s @ hub height
* Wind speed figures assume a steady value, as gusts to this figures will not always provide maximum output
* Operating Temperature Range, Generator: - 15C through + 40C at altitudes < 1000m above sea level
* Weight Generator System: 25kgs excluding support pole and brackets
* Weight, Plug n Save ™: 11kgs
* Dimensions - Generator Assembly: 320mm long x 150mm wide x 110mm deep support shaft
* Swept Area, Blade Assembly: 2.4m sq
* Swept Diameter: Blade Assembly: 1.75m
* Dimensions: Plug n Save ™: 535mm long x 315mm wide: 130mm deep
* Noise, Generator System: 52 dBA 5m behind turbine @ 7m/s gusting
* Noise, Generator System: 33 dBA 5m behind turbine @ 5m/s gusting
* Operating Speed Range of Blades: 100 - 900 rpm (useful power output range)
* Expected Safe Life: 10 years (depended upon actual conditions the system has been subjected to)
* This system is CE marked and conforms to all BS and EN legislation
* This product is not available for self install, you will be contacted on purchase of this item regarding installation
* Values are nominal only as slight variations will be present from unit to unit
* General references above relate to BS EN 61400 part 2
* Design and specification are subject to change without notice

The price is fully inclusive of installation including pre-installation survey.

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